Monday, March 23, 2009

New Face, More Waffles

This is going to be short and to the point, I promise.

Quick summary:

  • Chickenpox retired from raiding main - Taxiderm promoted.
  • Taxiderm, currently Surv specced Huntard.
  • Post 3.1, MM spec (1) & BM spec(2), at least that is the current plan.
  • Current pet - 79 Raptor. 3.1 pet(s) - MM 80 Wolf, BM 80 Spirit Beast (already have both).
  • Gear, good but patchy. Have managed to get lots of good gear, but boots continue to elude me. Consider myself Ulduar ready with room for improvement.
  • Raid group - Awesome.
  • Achievements, very few. Hardly any heroics have been done, currently have more progress toward Glory of the Raider than Champion of the Frozen Waste, lol.
  • Mini-pets - few *sigh*.
  • Mounts - few *sigh*.
  • Fishing, waiting on 3.1.
  • Cooking, lazy.
  • Professions, LW(420). Skinning(450). Skinning may drop, but for what ?

Pre-Ulduar Goals:

  • Get some *&!#@ Boots, (I'm looking at you Noth !!)
  • Collect all Undeath Darkmoon cards, (Buffed in 3.1, maybe usable. If not - profit).
  • Keep trying to get GOTR achievements, hope to get, probably won't, oh well.
  • Explorer title, so far to go .... *sigh*
  • 2 pcs. T5 gear, 1 more to go.


  • Still debating, doing WG whenever I can for honor, need PVP trinket badly.
  • Arenas .... *shudder*
  • BG's ... should do more/some.
  • Crafted PVP gear ... probably (will raise LW skill).

Ok, caught up. It's only taken me 4 months, not bad really. *sigh* so very lazy.

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Honors Code said...

I'll tank you through any Heroic you need. Give me a whisper even if I'm on my Hunter.