Friday, May 15, 2009

The Non-Wow Post (Kinda)

Things have been fairly quiet as of late due to my recent vacation and not much play time since I've been back. In fact I have only made 1 raid since returning in which Heroes managed to down Mimiron for the first time, and I'm pretty sure it was because of me. (My secret ? In Phase 4 and dpsing the head, make sure to stay in Viper aspect, pro tip.) Aside from that I've done some fishing dailies and have now got my fishing to about 285.

On my vacation the Wife and I went to Maui, and we took my mother-in-law and her good friend. My wife and I love Maui, this is our 3rd time there and we have every intention of retiring there when we have finally had enough of horrible Canadian winters. Leading up to the trip I had a major dilemma, bring the laptop or not. I will elaborate on this. I love to sit on a patio or balcony and just listen to the waves crash, I can do it for hours and it completely relaxes me (unless its constantly interrupted by mindless chatter by your mother-in-law and her friend but I digress). If I were to win the lottery tomorrow, next week I would be back in Maui (for good) listening to the waves and playing Wow from my laptop, and I wanted to know how that felt. However, last time we went there was no internet available in suite, wired or without, and that would not have been possible. We stayed in a different condo facility this time and I had thought well maybe they may have something, although nothing was mentioned in the ads or websites. In the end I decided against bringing my laptop as a 17" notebook is a pain to lug around for no good reason, and sure enough there was wireless internet available throughout the complex. Bollocks. Other than that and one other thing our trip was fantastic.

Now, in game I play a Hunter and I like to shoot things, it's what I do. Out of game, on holiday, I also like to shoot things, although a little differently, underwater photography. I am by no means a professional photog or diver, I merely love to snorkel (I would scuba if I lived there) and take pictures of fishies, turtles and whatever else I find. In this vein, Mrs. Taxiderm got me a snorkel mask with a digital camera built in to it. I was all set, we had booked a trip to Molokini, a partially submerged volcanic crater off the coast of Maui, which has some of the best snorkeling in the world, I had been there before and it was made me fall in love with snorkeling, its beautiful. The trip was scheduled for an ungodly early hour since the best water conditions are at that time, so I was running around grabbing stuff in the morning trying to get us out the door on time, and sure enough halfway to the rendevous point I realized I forgot my mask and had no time to go back and get it. Bollocks again. Two things made this worse:
  1. Due to several things, (6 mos. pregnant wife, elderly people along with us, my lazy out-of-shape ass) this ended up being our only snorkeling trip.
  2. On this trip we saw a Manta Ray, which was beautiful and amazing, and apparently incredibly rare for Maui. I could have had some amazing shots, but I didn't.

So to sum up, similiar to how I ran out of bullets against KT, in Maui I forgot to bring my gun to the raid. Noobsauce, utter noobsauce.

Now since this is a Wow blog and I'm sure that both of my readers are wondering why they care I'll bring this back to warcraft somewhat. At Blizzcon this year in August (which I will not be attending but will be watching via internet stream) I fully expect them to announce the next expansion, just as they did 2 years ago. At Blizzcon 2007, 7 months after the release of TBC, they announced Wrath of the Lich King. There have been many rumors about upcoming expansion plans with the the 2 most prevalent ideas being the Emerald Dream and the Great Sea. I think it is quite obvious which one I am hoping for, the idea of underwater gameplay would be something I would enjoy a lot. I will sign off with my idea for the perfect expansion and character I would probably not be able to resist playing.

Lets assume that the Great Sea expansion is announced which would include water based gameplay, underwater areas, and sea-faring areas. You would probably see the Nagas and Azshara as primary enemies as well as the Tomb of Sargeras. You would see new places such as Gilneas, Nazjatar, Undermine (goblin homeland), Kul Tiras, and probably a bunch of pirate stuff. Since we may get new races, Lich King not having any, I suggest that the Worgen would be a logical choice (since Gilneas is supposedly overrun with them), it would make for a logical starting zone and Capital city, I have no idea whether they would be Horde or Alliance though. Now, since worgen are essentially werewolves, the idea of shapechanging is possible. If they made it possible to roll a Worgen Druid I would drop everything and do that, guaranteed. Since they are working on new skins for Druids they could have wolf form instead of cat form, or something like that. I also suggest that they may introduce underwater gameplay and combat in a more complete way, say using scuba gear or something. Druids could be given a whole new set of forms to go along with this, cat form = shark form, bear form = killer whale form, travel form = fish form. Hunters could have cool new pet types such as sharks, eels, squid/octopi.

Wow, I had only meant to quickly talk about my vacation but I kinda got carried away. Now I have to think of a name for my Worgen Druid and reserve it as well as a name for my Octopus pet.