Tuesday, June 2, 2009

So Long Yogg We Barely Knew Ya

So just like last Monday we had a full night of Yogg-love ahead of us last night and I honestly had a good feeling. I told the one co-worker I have that also plays Wow that we were going to down Yogg that night.

We had a decent start, the first attempt was smooth but still resulted in a wipe near the end of Phase 1. I'm not sure of the exact order but pretty soon we were into Phase 2 and getting some solid time. Then we made it through Phase 2 into Phase 3 for the first time and immediately wiped, Honors never saw what hit him, lol.

And then it happened, a solid Phase 1 with extra mobs being put down quickly and everyone getting into position. Phase 2 went smooth with good clearing of the tentacles, solid work on the brain by the melee + Blue (requiring only 2 passes into the portals). We were into Phase 3 and everyone was alive and after only a brief pause for "What the Hell do we do now?" we settled into position. My world shrank into watch my sanity, turn away from the lightning, and watch Yogg's health trickle down while trying to maximize DPS. I have no idea what the heals+melee did regarding the adds but it sure sounded like utter chaos. I feel sorry for Honors and applaud him at the same time, it seemed like every few seconds I would hear the call "Theres another one Honors !!" but I was never bothered by an add nor did I notice one running loose. I remember at one point hearing cheers for an apparently very well timed Lay on Hands by either Honors or Mag and Honors never went down.

When Yogg finally succombed the cheers on Vent were almost deafening my own amongst them, even though my part was much less stressful than others. Achievements flashed across the screen, it was a wonderful moment. I have to say we have some of the best healers and tanks in the game; Zadorr and Black were amazing with all the decursing, dispelling and healing they had to do in a very intense, chaotic fight.

I have never been part of a group that was raiding at the edge of progression, I've only ever experienced the story through videos and reading transcripts of fights. Its such a great feeling to see it for myself and experience the fights first hand. I also love that there was actually a sense of accomplishment, when we downed KT in Naxx there was very little feeling of accomplishment because it was so easy. Ulduar was very different especially since we managed to stay ahead of the nerf curve, Mimiron being the latest boss to be hit with nerfs. I have no problem with Blizz making the fights easier, but I am also glad that we did it before that happened.

We finished the night by one-shotting Iron Council hard mode, and starting us on the road to Algalon. Algalon we are coming for you.

Congratulations to all that were part of last night's great moment. Ellevis, Honors, Black, Zadorr, Mag, Tonk, Vundermann, Origami, Blue, and Myself. Also, just because you guys weren't there last night, Absouloot, Bandaidez, Ofn, and Lakini doesn't mean you didn't help make it happen.

Sorry for the touchy-feely moment but I am really proud of our raid-team. I have a lot of fun raiding with these guys and am glad that we are having such success.