Tuesday, March 31, 2009

So Huntarded

Saturday was a day I would very much like to forget, and it's a day my guildmates will likely never let me forget, lol.

That fateful day, our raid group, which has since been renamed twice in my honor (more on that later), ventured into Naxx10 with only 8 people in search of 'The Dedicated Few' and 'Subtraction' achievements. Everything was going well, people were joking around and having fun as usual, despite an early wipe on Maexxna due to bad luck.

The first noob moment came on Heigan. Phase 1 was no problem, Phase 2 was no problem. The problem came during the transition back to Phase 1 from 2. Having recently specced into Aimed shot, I've been weaving it into my rotations and I took full advantage of it and explosive shot during the dance. Combine that with a Lock 'n' Load proc and you've got a fairly one-sided threat generation situation. During the switch, my finger in the act of pushing down my feign death keybind, Heigan calmly swatted me and I was one-shotted. Total Huntard !!

The second noob moment came during Four Horsemen. This time I wasn't paying attention and didn't notice that after switching to the Baron I failed to get fully out of the Thane's range and I was still accumulating his Mark's. When the time came to switch back to Thane I noticed I had 5 Mark's and decided to head for the center for the 6 or so seconds for them to come off. I was watching my debuffs so I noticed them rollover from 5 to 6, somehow going to the center I picked up another Mark and they would not fall off for 20 or so more seconds. I stayed in the center to let them fall off but of course Iwas getting no heals and I died. This left us with exactly 1 dedicated DPSer until the front two Bosses were down, that fight took a long time, lol.

Now I know you're thinking that has to be all, but no I saved the worst for last.

The third noob moment came on Kelthuzad. Having only 8 people meant the beginning was a little more hectic but not too bad, I let some skeletons through but the others picked up my slack. Once the opening trash was finished we engaged KT himself and quite early we lost Honors who was going to pick up the adds that came later in the fight, we were without a Battle Rez so this meant that Ellevis who was tanking KT would have to pick up the adds as well, which he did with no problems. This meant of course that he was taking a lot of damage so we DPSer's were giving it our all trying to burn the boss down fast. I was doing good, managing my mana well, (read that as popping into Aspect of the Viper and actually remembering to go back to Dragonhawk when my mana was back), and my rotations were good. Then it happened, my character stopped attacking and I couldn't make her start again. I checked my mana, it was fine, i checked my bar mod, it also was fine. I couldn't for the life of me figure out why I wasn't attacking. Then I made the biggest mistake of the night. I pressed my push-to-talk key and opened my mouth. So dumb, lol. "What the Hell !! I can't attack !!" I said frantically. The first reply was from Ellevis, "Are you out of arrows ?", I knew it was true. I immediately started trying to make some more, (from Engineering crafted arrow makers), and I think I got 1 autoshot off before KT died. It was at that point that the mocking and the shame began, lol. Oh, and oddly enough the Nerubian Conquerer dropped and so despite my idiocy, I received the best weapon available for 10 man progression.

Our raid group almost immediately got renamed to "WTB Arrows", and later to "Shooting Blanks". Maybe I should be honored, maybe not, lol. I run with a great bunch of guys who are very good at this game, they are also a lot of fun and we make a lot of jokes at each others expense. I think I have given everyone plenty of "Arrows" to shoot at me for quite a while.

In other news I have dropped skinning and picked up Alchemy, currently at 180 skill level.

Also, Heroes Inc. went back to Naxx25 last night and completed the Construct quarter, finally managing to down Thaddius who had been our roadblock previously, at least on the runs I was able to go on. I received the achievement "Heroic: Construct Quarter" and my Tier 7.25 shoulders, yeah - loot !!

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Blue said...

An Epic night of raiding.