Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Life as a DK in Wrath

So long since my last post, been very busy with the expansion.

First off, the expansion is absolutely fantastic. I am having so much fun on almost all levels. There is tons to do, I have a list of stuff a mile long, most of which I probably won't get to till summer time, if then.

Where to start, I really need to blog more often, keep these things shorter.

When the expansion went live I created a nelf DK named Waffl├ęs. Which goes to show that I am far too impulsive since 1 week later I was tired of the name and had it changed to Chickenpox. I also should have gone Dranei, far better for DPS; nelfs are now for tanking, but the chance to flip when I jump was too much for me.

Out of the gates Ellevis (Wichita) and I leaped ahead of the DK crowd thanks to the Recruit-A-Friend bonus triple XP to 60. Usually you finish the DK starting area at 58, we were 60, almost 61.

We made really good time and were into Northrend by Friday night I think, possibly Saturday, hard to remember I was very tired; 45 minute catnap over 36 hours. I know that despite trying to move quite fast thruogh Outland, we were not trying for a server first. We were 2nd & 3rd for DK levelling on the Alliance side, we knew this because the guy that was in the lead kept whispering to find out if we were gonna take a break soon, he didn't believe us when we said we were not trying for the server first. Additionally, I found it amazing how many people whispered me that I needed to get a life, even after I had only been playing my DK for a day. I think people really need to worry less about what other people are doing, none of their damn business IMO.

Anyway, the quests in Northrend were a lot of fun, they really introduced some fun mechanics amongst the kill x of y quests, made it much more enjoyable for the most part. I really enjoyed Howling Fjord, Sholozar Basin and especially Dragonblight, epic stories there. I haven't gone into Storm Peaks yet but I am looking forward to it very much since I love the Titans stuff.

I did some instances along the way, but I did them with higher level people for the most part since my levelling fell off after the weekend was over and I had to go back to work. I tried not to do too many so they would be fresher when I did heroics at 80. That being said, heroics at 80 are a lot of fun, I love the achievements they have put into each instance; makes them more challenging and gives you something to shoot for.

Now, about the DK class: I really wish I had gotten farther than 63 during the beta, it would've saved me so much money respeccing during live. I have respecced at least 10 times already possibly more. When I reached 80 I specced Blood, it was a fun spec that did good DPS and wasn't too complicated. Last night I respecced Unholy. Wow, what a difference, I expected my AOE DPS to increase which it did, tremendously. I didn't expect quite as large a difference in my single target DPS however. My personal best single target DPS was on Patchwerk in Naxx, I beat that last night doing Heroics on almost every fight, stationary or not. I was getting a little worried, not so much about viability but about dissappointment in my class and my ability as a melee DPS'er, last night washed that all away, so much fun.

Professions, where do I start. I had planned to level mining as I went through Outland, that didn't happen. I went back and through smelting was bale to level into Northrend ores pretty quickly, when I was about 76, and maxed soon thereafter. I then started levelling Engineering, which I got to about 400. I have now changed my profession plans (what a shock, waffles anyone ?) and I will be going Herbalism - Inscription. To that end, I have dropped Engineering and have levelled Herbing to ~400 now I think. I will drop mining once I have enough herbs to level Inscription and once I have enough Titansteel to have someone make me the DPS helm.

I have so many plans that I have no time for, Fishing, finish levelling Cooking (stuck at 390ish), old world rep and Achievements. In the months before the expansion I racked up so many Achievements on Rhubarb that I am itching to do it again on Chickenpox, but I have been busy doing Professions and Heroics, trying to gear for raids.

Speaking of Raids: Naxx is very cool, I wasn't even 60 before vanilla Wow moved on, so I actually never stepped foot inside Naxx before last weekend. It was a lot of fun, I like that there is very little trash between bosses, at least where we went. I posted a personal best on Patchwerk and received Heroes Inc's first epic raiding drop in WotLK, Plate DPS gloves "Gauntlets of Combined Strength", (which is ironic since I have had horrible luck in Heroics with drops.) Of course this led to me passing on my Tier 7 gloves when they dropped from Sartharion the next night, my Tiered item drought goes on (I have never had a Tiered piece of gear, not on Brambles, Rhubarb and so far on Chickenpox.) Chamber of Aspects is fun as well, interesting fight, not difficult but the potential is there when leaving the other dragons up. Congratulations to Lakini who won the Tier 7 gauntlets.

Well this has gone on way too long, I will try to post more often just so I dont have to spend hours recapping.

Chickenpox has been crit by WotLK.
Chickenpox is happy.

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