Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Final To-Do List

9 Days remaining, wow only 9 days. I wish I had all 9 to get ready. In truth I only have 4 of those days without any committments (I'm sure my wife will change that). 4 days to get everything in order. Probably not gonna happen. Here's what's left to do.

1) Final decision on a DK name / race. Name choices are: Chickenpox (maybe a little too serious, most of my names are more erratic), Roobarb (Continuity with my pally, almost named my young dog this name, possibly feel too much like Ferth) or Wâffles (leaning more towards this but I'm hesitant about the non-standard character). Race will be either Nelf, Dranei or Human. I love the Dranei, can't make a wrong choice here; Human's have easily the best racials, they just jump like retards; Nelfs have good tanking racials, but I don't plan on main tanking, but they flip when they jump !!!.

2) UI. What a pickle. I did a rework on my UI in the summer and ended up hating it, I should never trust my first instincts. I've been playtesting some compilations trying to figure out what I like and dislike and now I have to put this all together. Also, I would like to find a rune addon for the DK, however since the beta is going offline tonite, I have to find one tonite that I like.

3) Professions. Still with the professions, no choice has been made. I had decided Engineering but I am leaning away from that. I am leaning toward JC and Inscription I have basically no mats ready for either. Yeah !!!! Lots of prep work to be done. I have most of the mats I need for Cooking but I need to see where I am lacking.

4) Plan for staying awake for 4 days without dying. I have booked the 13th and 14th off from work and the wife knows I will barely acknowledge her thru the weekend. Perhaps a mainline for coffee and red Bull as well as a catheter will be necessary. We'll see.

Anyway, the big thing is it is only 9 days. I am very excited. Very.

Chickenpox / Wâffles / Roobarb has been killed by Anticipation / Preparation.


Alex said...

Hehe I like Waffles... but Roobarb would make more sense in vent. We'd probably just end up calling you Rhubarb Waffles. mmmmm thats sounds yummy.

Chickenpox said...

Lol. It will probably end up being waffles, too bad I have to add in the non-english character though. Chickenpox is just too serious, now if I just could've gotten Pinkeye.