Monday, April 20, 2009

Time to Put the Dual in Dual-Spec

Time to decide on my second spec, my first of course being MM, although the specific spec will be changing a little. Actually I will discuss that first. I am currently specced 7/57/7, which is cool but our DK tank just switched to Blood tanking and I am wasting a point in true-shot aura. I might just move that point into Silencing Shot, which was taken off the GCD in 3.1, which can be macroed into every shot for free DPS, this will destroy my mana though. Hmmm, may require more thought.

Instead of respeccing tonight, I may just fill out my second spec with a BM spec. Our survival hunter will be coming to Ulduar so I won't have to bring Replenishment, (one of my thoughts for a second spec). I could give BM raiding a try and let loose the Spirit Beast (still need a name for it). Of course I will than have to acquire a new set of glyphs, macroes, blah blah blah. I'm guessing it will depend entirely upon what time I log on, if I get on early enough I will go BM, if not MM.

I am also shopping for a new UI. This is a frequent occurrence as I get bored or frustrated with mine and like to switch it on at least a monthly basis. I've had this one for a couple of months and while I was never totally satisfied I have been content. Now I'm bored with it and I find that I don't use/look at some of the screen items taking up valuable real estate. Perhaps I will do a post exclusively about addons later today or tomorrow, work is slow so I have time to research.

Hmm, things to do:
  • Figure out a good BM spec
  • Check my gear for possible improvements with a BM spec (remove haste for better dps)
  • Come up with a name for Spirit Beast, and Wolf for that matter
  • Research UI's and addons, decide what to change
  • Change MM spec
  • Think about Maui, ahhh 3 more days
  • Try not to think about no WOW for 12 days while in Maui, I think copious amounts of pineapple and sunshine will help with the shakes

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