Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Runeswapping ...... Denied

As an addendum to yesterday's post where I said I was concerned about runeswapping, Blue has came out and said that as of now the plan is to use 2 of each rune instead of customizing. While that is a little dissappointing I'm glad that it is known and now I can move on knowing my limitations. This should make balancing the DK much easier, but hopefully they will work on improving the talent trees so that they work together better since we will be forced to use skills from all 3 trees.

From observation Frost seems to suffer the most from the 2/2/2 rune configuration so I hope they work on it next, as I really liked the look of it from early Alpha leaks. Several skills got nerfed when beta opened and the lack of frost runes really hurt the spec. Of course all of this just conjecture at the moment since I have no beta key. Phooey.

*edit* I also forgot to mention that Blizzard is reducing the levelling requirements from 60-70, currently the reduction is ~30%. Hopefully this stays, it'll make levelling my DK that much easier (probably about 30% easier ;P). However, this will lessen the only significant barrier to the world being flooded with DK's. I don't expect to be unique but hopefully some variety is retained.

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